Hi I’m Jessica. I’m a College Professor and Life Coach. I’m here to help you make your dreams a reality.


How It Works

I love teaching and guiding people in living their best lives. In my work in the college classroom, I have been lucky to connect with many students over the past ten years. I love getting to connect one on one outside of the classroom, and help people in a deeper way. I am here to lean on- you can work with me to assist your family in big and small ways. We can work on academic planning, aka figuring out what you want to do with your life and how to make it happen. I am also available for goal setting, organizational assistance, and more. Contact me for an initial information conversation. Let’s see if I am a good fit for your needs.


“The best life is one where you follow your passions and make a living from something you love. I can help you build a meaningful, happy life.”

—Professor Jessica



I am here as you need me. Schedule appointments as you desire. We will work together at an area Starbucks or over the phone. You can read more on my Services page.


Life Coaching

Higher Education Assistance and Study Skills

Goal Setting and Planning